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                  How do I unsubscribe or disable my account?

                  E-file.com takes great lengths to protect our customers' privacy. Unlike some tax software providers who resell customer information to advertisers, we do not sell any of our customer data to third parties. Our goal is to provide affordable tax software without sacrificing a customer's privacy to do so.

                  On the bottom of every email we send is an unsubscribe link. If you click this link you will be unsubscribed from all future mailings. You may also request that your account be disabled. To disable your account start by logging into your account here.

                  Once you've logged in, click the "Help" link in the top right corner of the navigation. From the help window, type something brief like "disable account", when this loads with common help answers scroll to the bottom of the list and click "Still need help? Click here to contact us?". Describe the issue in the form and click the "Send" button.

                  Please note: When a request is received we work to have information deleted within 24-48hrs.

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